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Web Of Deceit

There’s an old scam that’s trying to make a comeback—Internet Fishing. Be safe, don’t give out your personal information or click on a link in an email unless you know for certain the person on the other end is legitimate.

Posted 07/25/2016 03:30 PM

Identity Theft - Part 2

This is a special edition discussion on Internet Fraud from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), to coincide with activities being shared across the country for National Consumer Protection Week. Find out more by going to www.deliveringtrust.com.

Posted 03/06/2014 04:22 PM

Identity Theft - Part 1

Learn how to protect yourself from identity theft with information and tips from the oldest federal law enforcement agency, The United States Postal Inspection Service.

Posted 02/28/2014 06:03 PM